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Novo Formula is designed for correlation / estimation of soil properties.Many correlations and formulas are recommended by geoscientists in order to estimate one soil parameter based on a series of known parameters.Then act as if they had done nothing after I have asked them not to do the same thing many times before. Thomas is forgotten by his country Jamaica even though they say "OUT of MANY ONE" is it really so ? All this history has been recorded and is in the UK.

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The specific times that they all make continual obvious efforts to do the things they know bother me.

These Indian and Chinese Caribbean people are in a completely western British/European/American sphere of influence AND HAVE BEEN SO FOR OVER A 130 YEARS. I guess womens rights NEVER HAPPENED happened for them. Tell that to my mother who had me in the early 70's without being married married, who as I last checked was Indo Caribbean.

Tell that to her aunts, many of whom married black men.

The criticizes you for what he initiated as if he said nothing to you.

The recent gifts to my daughter to bribe her to stand against me.

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